Video Editing docs

This documentation about editing video in Blender is structured in three sections. It’s written in a more workflow-oriented approach than the official Blender Reference documentation.

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Video Sequence Editor

This section describes the Video Sequence Editor; sometimes also called the Sequencer. It is Blender’s dedicated tool or editor to handle video footage. This is the software corner where you’ll spend most of your time as a video editor. So, it is absolutely necessary that you can work fluently and fast in this editor. We describe the major components and and their working.

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Video Editing

The Video Editing section is split into 3 chapters, representing a typical workflow of a video editing project: Setup, Edit and Render. You can think of these phases as : pre-editing, editing and post-editing. The editing subsection is of course the most comprehensive with info on montage, effects, color grading and sound editing.

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Extra tools

Although Blender’s VSE is more than a capable video editor, you will need sometimes some extra-tools to accomplish things such as changing the Exif-data of your source-files, converting media formats, automating some operations. We give a short introduction to the following open-source tools: Python, ffmpeg, MediaInfo, and ExifTools.